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About Course in Electrical and Electronic Systems

The electronics department puts great emphasis on continuity with the preparation the students have received in their specialty at the college level and offers a well-organized curriculum that leads to a high level of expertise in the fields of electrics, electronics and telecommunication. The curriculum is distinguished by two main characteristics.

  1. It tries to educate individuals, who combine creativity and leadership that may at any time produce a technological revolution in the fields of electrics, electronics and telecommunications with excellent human qualities.
  2. At the same time, it aims to nurture and give the scientific foundations to individuals who may grow into highly original researchers, who are aware of the social relevance of their work, and who are able to use the technologies of various fields synergistically.

Research concentrates mainly on four areas:

In all these areas, active research into hardware design for electrics, electronics and telecommunication is the main objective.


Since April 2006, the Saitama University Faculties of Science and Engineering and the Graduate School of Science and Engineering have been separated into an Education Unit and a Research Unit. The program in Mathematics, Electronics and Informatics is divided into the three areas of mathematics, electric and electronic systems, and information systems.

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