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The Graduate School of Science and Engineering will be reorganized in 2022. Admission information for the Electrical and Electronic Systems Engineering Course is available only for the 2021 fall entrance of Master Program.

Master and Doctoral Program Admissions

Graduate School of Science and Engineering develops knowledge in respective interdisciplinary fields and brushes up student's ability to adapt to the latest trends in science and technology, to identify problems and to propose solutions

Application guide is distributed at the office counter of Graduate School of Science and Engineering. Contact hour is 9:00am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

Official Site

Outline of Procedure and Results Notification


Application form should be submitted in the middle of June.

Achievement Test (Basic Subjects) and Interview

In the middle of August.

Mathematics (calculus, differential equations, linear algebra,vector analysis), electromagnetism, electric circuits, electronic circuits, and logic circuits.

Results Notification

In the beginning of September.

Research Student Program

If you wish to enroll to the Graduate School of Science and Engineering as a research student, please refer to the information provided here.


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