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Electric Power / Control Systems

  • Electric Power

    Maeyama and Inada Labs. (in Japanese)
    High repetitive and high speed pulse power generator. Numerical analysis of magnetic confined plasma. Applications of discharge plasma.

    Yamanou Lab. (in Japanese)

  • Robotics/Control Systems

    Kaneko Lab. (in Japanese)
    Electrical and electronic machines, mechatronics, especially application of neural network and fuzzy theory in the industrial robots.

    Tsuji Lab.

    Sakaino Lab. (in Japanese)

Circuit Systems / Information Communications

  • System Innovation Informatics

    Hasegawa Lab.
    IT (Information Technology) based ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems). Systems Engineering on Information, Space, and Mobility.

    Manabe Lab. (in Japanese)

  • Microwave Engineering

    Ma and Ohira Labs.
    Analytical and numerical techniques for electromagnetic fields. Microwave and millimeter-wave passive components and circuits. Microwave material measurements.

  • Antenna Engineering

    Kimura Lab.

  • Integrated Circuits

    Itoh and Nishizawa Labs. (in Japanese)
    Design automation for integrated circuits, design methodology for system LSI. Developing application specific VLSI.

  • Photonics and Sensing

    Shioda Lab.

Materials and Devices


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