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Electric Power / Control Systems

  • Electric Power

    Maeyama and Inada Labs. (in Japanese)
    High repetitive and high speed pulse power generator. Numerical analysis of magnetic confined plasma. Applications of discharge plasma.

    Yamanou Lab. (in Japanese)

  • Robotics/Control Systems

    Kaneko Lab. (in Japanese)
    Electrical and electronic machines, mechatronics, especially application of neural network and fuzzy theory in the industrial robots.

    Tsuji Lab.

Circuit Systems / Information Communications

  • System Innovation Informatics

    Hasegawa Lab.
    IT (Information Technology) based ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems). Systems Engineering on Information, Space, and Mobility.

    Manabe Lab. (in Japanese)

  • Microwave Engineering

    Ma and Ohira Labs.
    Analytical and numerical techniques for electromagnetic fields. Microwave and millimeter-wave passive components and circuits. Microwave material measurements.

  • Antenna Engineering

    Kimura Lab.

  • Integrated Circuits

    Itoh Labs. (in Japanese)
    Design automation for integrated circuits, design methodology for system LSI. Developing application specific VLSI.

  • Photonics and Sensing

    Shioda Lab.

Materials and Devices


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